From Inverness to Dornoch: A Simple Paddle

There are some days when it’s fun to see what you’re capable of…

I spend the majority of my time on the water taking groups out onto peaceful lakes, gently drifting by mountains and soothing first-timers’ nerves, so every now and again it’s fun to set a challenge for myself.

It’s easy to forget about the simple pleasures of taking a sea kayak out onto the open water when you’ve spent so long drifting around the same old routes, so it was with a thrilling sense of eagerness that I set out for a days’s paddle from Inverness to the pleasant seaside resort of Dornoch. The distance of just over 30 miles was certainly not an easy one to tackle in the space of a day, but with everything that I needed packed into my trusty Riot Edge 11 all I needed was an early start to get on my way.

To beat the morning traffic I made sure to get dropped off at my starting point of Inverness the night before, where a friend of mine was kind enough to put me up for the evening. Inverness is a fine town to visit for a few days with a lovely selection of places to eat and welcoming pubs, perfect for an evening of quiet pint sipping. Unfortunately for us, the ‘sipping’ portion of the night turned into ‘quaffing’, which inevitably led to us groggily stumbling home at an ungodly time whilst I dimly wondered what it would be like to set off for a 33-mile paddle on a killer hangover…

Thankfully, my host was kind enough to serve me a full cooked breakfast before I left. I hungrily wolfed down the gloriously greasy plate before wondering how I was going to cope with an intense day of paddling on a full stomach of booze.

I usually recommend newcomers to have a good night’s sleep and a big meal before they tackle a long day of paddling, I’d somehow managed to do the exact opposite of that and soon found myself alone and drifting down the River Ness and out into the Moray Firth.

All fear of sea sickness left me as I carefully glided the Riot Edge out onto the serene waters of this awe inspiring body of water. I had around 30 miles of smooth paddling ahead of me and although I knew that the distance was still a lot to get done in the day, I had a quiet confidence that I’d be able to get it done before nightfall. There’s something powerfully hypnotic about taking a kayak out onto the open water by yourself, the ripples made by the nose of your vessel creating a ceaseless pattern in the water that is only interrupted by the dip of your oars into the water.

This journey was not what I’d call an exhausting one, I was able to easy myself up and out of the mouth of the Moray Firth only having to drop my skeg a couple of times to correct my course. As the sun set of over the distant mountains I spotted the beaches of Dornoch and my friend waving me in, a barbecue emitting a warm glow that made my heart sing.

It had been a good day.

Thanks to Bill Terrence-Smith who was kind enough to offer us a glimpse into his fun day out by himself.

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