Sea Kayak Highlands

Arisaig Hotel

Arisaig PH39 4NH

Mobile: 07858 214 985

Hire Agreement

Name of hirer        
Post Code        
Tel. no. Mobile Email
Boats required: Double
(max. 2)
Single Sirocco
(max. 8)
Single Avocet
(max. 1)
Canadian Canoe (max. 2)
Start date: dd/mm/yy    Finish date: dd/mm/yy    Pick up time: hh/mm
Hire charge
(see website for rates) £
Buoyancy Aid
FOC with boat
Buoyancy Aids £
@ £3 per day
Cags £
Dry bag
@ £2 per day
Dry bags £
Kayak Paddle
Canoe paddle
Total £
Information on party members:
Hirer: Tell us about your paddling experience
  Name of any Club you are a member of
  Do you have a personal awards?
Other group members:  
Name 1 Paddling experience
Address Club membership
  Personal awards

Name 2 Paddling experience
Address Club membership
  Personal awards

Name 3 Paddling experience
Address Club membership
  Personal awards

Name 4 Paddling experience
Address Club membership
Post Code Personal awards

Name 5 Paddling experience
Address Club membership
  Personal awards

Payment is due in full on arrival.
Valid Credit Card details and Photo ID - Drivers License or Passport must be left with Sea Kayak Highland until return of boat and equipment.

Minimum level of competence:
In order to hire any of our equipment you need to be competent in its use in the prevailing conditions. You don’t have to be an expert, just capable of using the equipment safely in the conditions on the day.

Rental Terms and Conditions:
1. The hirer/user has an obligation to use the kayak or kayaks and associated equipment in a safe and responsible manner.
2. The hirer is responsible for familiarising themselves with the relevant regions tides, currents, marine hazards, weather patterns and safety issues.
3. The hirer agrees to return the kayaks by the allocated return time or an additional late fee may apply.
4. The hirer accepts full responsibility for returning all kayaks and equipment hired under this agreement in the original pre hired state.
The hirer is responsible for replacement costs of any loss, damage to kayaks or equipment or repair work required to return any items to the original pre-hired state.
All participants must wear buoyancy aids at all times whilst afloat.
7. Personal and 3rd Party insurance against injury, loss or accident is the sole responsibility of the client.
8. The hirer agrees to leave valid Credit Card Details and Photo Drivers License or Passport.
9. All solo paddlers must be able to do a self rescue.

I have read and understood the terms and conditions of hire and declare that all members of the party are sufficiently experienced to know and understand the inherent dangers of sea kayaking.